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School of Education provides professional and general courses to diversified, multicultural students from different strata of the society, through world class infrastructure, offering beyond classroom training and education with placement possibilities.

School of Education, Adamas University provides innovative and transformative educational experiences through nurturing and developing the future leaders of our society so that they may germinate and sustain in the complex globalized sodality. The School is pledged to address the social determinants of education, support diverse learners and at the same time is a stern believer of equity and social justice. Through various national and international collaborative initiatives and ground breaking research we try to create a world for the new generation learners where they can furnish themselves for thriving into the world of passionate and dynamic future.

Our Vision

  • SOE aspires to be a pioneer Teacher Education Institution at the State as well as in the Country by actualizing national goals, academic excellence, mentoring, innovation and collaboration.
  • SoE aims to be a world-leading intellectual hub of Education by earning national and international recognitions through academic excellence, innovative curriculum integration, reflective practice, leadership, collaboration, creativity, students’ support services and professional orientation.
  • SoE desires to be a leading research-intensive centre of Education that consistently responds to dynamic social needs through application of knowledge, innovation and development.

Our Mission

  • To function as a laboratory for experimentation and innovations in the field of teacher education through a variety of teacher education programs. —
  • To impart high quality education and training to students & pupil-teachers to develop their employability and competencies in accordance with the emerging trends of job in Education and Teacher Education.
  • To teach the subject Education at Bachelor and Master levels not only for academic excellence but also to make students fit for jobs in the field of Education.
  • To support and encourage innovations, development and discovery through research oriented programmes like Ph.D. in Education.
  • To arrange seminars, workshops, symposium, academic courses like degree, diploma, certificate or short term courses for in service teachers in respect of their professional development in the areas of teaching-learning, evaluation, administration, research etc.
  • To offer self-directed activities including case studies, project works, seminars, assignments, collaborative projects and multi-level engagement with fields to make student-teachers to be acquainted with modern teaching practice.
  • To implement multifaceted co-curricular activities for inculcating aesthetic, social, cultural, humanitarian values among students so that they will be the forces of transformation in their field in near future.
  • To develop new innovative cells to satisfy diverse needs of students of the University.


Flipped Teaching

Prior to participating in classroom discourse, student-teachers are given materials through word & PDF documents, videos, PowerPoint, learning apps, website links etc. well in advance so that they can prepare themselves and wholeheartedly involve in classroom activities.

Interdisciplinary Projects

This is a collaborative endeavor and student-teachers are given interdisciplinary project so that they can correlate their subject with different aspects of teaching.

Online Learning

Apart from the formal mode of learning, Adamas University opens the door to its students for experiencing learning through well designed national and international online platforms. Last year, all student-teachers completed various certificate courses on COURSERA and LINKEDIN platform.

Blended Learning

 In response to the closure of educational institutions due to COVID 19, Adamas University never stops teaching-learning since last year. A well advanced blended ecosystem has been created across the university and the teaching-learning process is being continued through various synchronous and asynchronous modes.

School Study Project

Student-teachers prepare a School Study Project during their short term internship at second semester. They study a particular school in detail with respect to different aspects so that they will be able to know about the school, its characteristics, functioning, administration, teaching-learning, available resources etc. which will benefit their future affairs.

Research based activities

 School of Education(SoE) at present have a total number of 16 research scholars and some scholars amongst them are preparing for their pre-submission seminars. Two scholars have already submitted their research work and is waiting for final evaluation. Along with their Guides/Supervisors, they are also ably guided by the Head of the Department of School of Education, who is also the Ph.D.Convener of the school. She is at present the Centre Co-ordinator of the research Centre for Education, research and development. Research is practised in SoE right from the Bachelor of Education level and the specially designed syllabus of CBCS (as per UGC guidelines) at the Bachelor’s and Masters level.  At the B.Ed. level, the post graduate  Student-teachers prepare an action research on the basis of classroom issues felt by them during internship. They derive measures in order to solve them. Students are encouraged to develop their research problems and outcomes with the help of their mentors. They are also encouraged to write as a single author or jointly along with their faculty mentors in reputed journals in India and worldwide. Video presentations are regularly organized at SoE to enhance their speaking skills.

Genius Hour Passion Project

 One more collaborative initiative which is ideated by the student-teachers out of their passion is Genius Hour Passion Project. Spending creating time with their peer, student-teachers explore new ideas and master new skills which provides impetus to their innovation.

Soft Skill Development:

For creating effective teachers as well as developing confidence in front of interview board, the School of Education schedules few classes on soft skill development for enhancing the communication and interpersonal skills amongst student-teachers.

Lecture Series

The eminent teachers from distinguished educational institutions of our State, Country and the World at large are invited to mentor our student-teachers through their valuable lectures on burning issues of education and teaching.

Survey Questionnaire 

School of Education is not only engaged in delivering the content materials, evaluating students’ performance and actively engaging it’s students in different types of curricular and co-curricular activities rather it also needs students’ feedback for its improvement. School of Education has started distributing Survey Questionnaires to get the feedback and suggestions from the students on Blended Teaching Learning using multiple apps and all other new initiatives which are being taken by the school for their overall improvement. Such Survey Questionnaires are going to be distributed once in a month to the students of School of Education.


In order to getting accustomed with current trends of teaching-learning practice and education system, School of Education organizes various Seminar/Webinar/Conference at regular basis. Each and every endeavor has a global standard.

Social Responsibility based Activities

The Department of Social Responsibility which is headed by one of faculties of School of Education ensures student-teachers’ participation in various social responsibility based activities like literacy drive, awareness programmes, field visits, and likes so that they will be able to be socially responsible teachers.

Co-curricular activities

 Keeping in view the nurturing of hidden talents of student-teachers, Adamas University as well as the School of Education organize debate, group discussion, short extempore, essay writing competition, drama competition, singing competition, dancing competition, sports, ‘RANGOLI’ competition, and various cultural activities at important national and international days.

International Exposures

Adamas University organizes conference, seminar/webinar, and workshop in collaboration with world class foreign universities. Currently, the School of Education has tied up with the Far Eastern University at Philippines and organizes different programmes collaboratively like conference, teaching, research activities, faculty led seminar/webinar, workshop, student led seminars, discussion, and the like. Getting involved in those activities, student-teachers can brush up their expertise.

Highly qualified Faculty Members

 The student-teachers are mentored by our highly qualified and experienced faculty members. They are involved in writing books, publishing research papers and deveoping psychological scales at national & international level and act as resource persons at different seminar/webinar/conference

Key Features of the School

Admissions Open

Adamas University offers most comprehensive and innovative courses

Dr. Shauli Mukherjee

Professor & Director, School of Education

With a purposeful career in the education space spanning over more than 20 years, Dr. Shauli Mukherjee has dedicated her life towards promotion of child-centric and activity-oriented education. A passionate educationist and a global thought leader with a background of setting up and leading new age K- 12 schools, Dr. Mukherjee had been the Founder Principal of Adamas World School and STEM World School, the first STEM school in West Bengal. Under her inspiring leadership, STEM World School has been ranked and awarded as the 2nd best International Day School in West Bengal by Education World. Dr. Mukherjee ardently believes that the purpose of meaningful education is to develop lifelong learners, creative thinkers and responsible global citizens who are confidently equipped to face the challenges of an uncertain and constantly unfolding future. All through her career in education, Dr. Mukherjee had actively contributed to and spearheaded the process of creating a personalized, engaging and stress-free curriculum for children of all age groups. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades including NATIONAL QUALITY EXCELLENCE AWARD, GEM OF INDIA AWARD, SARVEPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN AWARD, GURUPNISHAD SAMMAN, GURUVARYA SAMMAN, NATIONAL EDUCATION LEADERSHIP AWARD in the category of commitment to excellence in education, (to name a few), WORLD PEACE AWARD. She has also been awarded for being among INDIA’S TOP 50 WOMEN LEADERS IN THE EDUCATION INDUSTRY & TOP 20 REVOLUTIONARY EDUCATION LEADERS by the Academic Council of ULektz. She is associated with premiere educational organizations across India as well as globally in senior advisory capacity. She is also recognized among 99 WOMEN ACHIEVERS OF INDIA FOR THE YEAR 2021. As an internationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, she is regularly invited to numerous national and international conferences, universities, summits, conclaves and events to share her insights on the futuristic and transformative role of education. She is currently working as the Director of School of Education at Adamas University, Kolkata.


Awards and Recognitions

Message from the Director

School of Education is an exclusive and specialized learning hub for teachers and researchers. It aims to facilitate an environment for learners that will not only equip them with the right kind of knowledge but also develop them as well –rounded members of society at large. Our School embraces evidence – based practices: testing, analyzing practising and sharing the education programmes and policies that really work. We are committed to develop leaders for today’s diverse educational contexts and create practical tools to tackle numerous educational issues as we address the social determinants of education, support diverse learners and advance equity and social justice.

We view our students through a strength based lens and value diversity as a rich resource. Our dedicated and sincere faculty members work closely with the students to ensure that the courses they take, the research they conduct and the future employment opportunities are aligned with their individual goals. We prepare our students through numerous innovative ways to make meaningful impact and create visible and tangible differences in the fields of teacher education, educational leadership, research methodology and early years’ education. Our programmes are diversified with an aim to cater to multicultural students, research oriented, beyond classroom training and mentorship based on a progressive curriculum well-suited to the needs and demands of a globally emerging complex 21st century VUCA world, the outcome being to prepare our students with a high sense of responsibility, values and dedication to the profession at large.

With the help of dedicated faculty, staff and students of our School, I am really hopeful that the School will surely become one of the choicest destinations for learners and researchers both in the national as well as international arena in the near and immediate future.

Academic Advisory Board

Our Faculty


Dr. Shauli Mukherjee has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades including the EduExcellence Certification of Professional Achievement in Education in 2015, the Certificate of Achievement by Education Today for exemplary contribution to the field of education in 2016, the National Quality Excellence Award 2017, Consecutive Recipient of Brainfeed School Excellence Awards 2017 & 2018 as the best Infrastructure School among the top schools of West Bengal and for the best Innovative Practices, STEM Education and Academic Excellence respectively, GEM OF INDIA AWARD in 2017, National Education Leadership Award 2018 in the category of Commitment to Excellence in Education, Peerless ABP PRATIBHA SHWIKRITI Award 2019, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award 2020 for contribution towards nation building, GURUPNISHAD SAMMAN 2020 by Charles Walter’s Society for Innovation & Research (CWSIR) and Bharatiya Ganatantra Samman Republic India Honour. Her list of awards also includes GURUVARYA SAMMAN, World Peace Award, NAARI TU NARAYANI SAMMAN, Award of Recognition by International Chamber of Service Industry, Outstanding Achievement Award by Rai University, Ahmedabad, International Excellent Academic Leader Award by Saksham Society, Jaipur Rajasthan, the DIGITAL CREATIVE AWARD in SHADOW 2021, Smiles4Millions Peace Award, International EDUx ICON Award 2021 in the category of the Best Professor from West Bengal and the Award of Honour as the Dean of the Year at the International Edu Conclave & Award 2021. Additionally, she is the recipient of Great Warriors of Humanity Award by International Human Rights Advisory Council (a wing of All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice), Iconic Gold Awards 2021 for outstanding contribution to human rights and social service by Seba Foundation Trust, The Leader of Change Award 2021 by Worldwide Leaders Association and Ladies of All Nations International, South Africa, Nalanda – The Pride of Knowledge Award 2021 by IDYM Foundation, Lifetime Achievement Award in SLEDDING 2021 by Edukos Unite of Scholars & Princeton Hive USA, Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace award 2021 by MGGPF India, Peace Ambassador by Moyurpongkhi World Peace Ambassador Committee, Moyurpongkhi Foundation, Bangladesh, Peace Excellence Shield by Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission International, Mother Teresa Global Peace Award 2021 by Mother Teresa International Foundation, Corona Warrior Award by Shri Dada Saheb Phalke International Award Film Foundation, Corona Warrior Award 2021 by All India Real for Cultural Educational Welfare Society, Shaurya Samman – Sutra Excellence Award 2021, Global Covid Warrior Leadership & Excellence Award 2020-21 in the category of the Best Innovative Leadership Excellence in Academics by Vasundhara Blessing Foundation Trust & KGNHSSE, Desh Ki Shaan Award 2021 in the category of Excellence in Pedagogy by Winner’s Creator. She has also been awarded as the Most Valuable Academician and Certification in Research Excellence 2021 by Nikhil Bharat Shiksha Parisad, Government of India, also as one of the Top 100 Iconic Educators of 2021 by SCL Rhythm Research Centre, Mumbai and a recipient of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Samman 2021 – Commendable Contribution in Changing the Education System Award by Cosmos International Research University & Edukos Unite of Scholars and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Award of Excellence 2021.

Dr. Prarthita Biswas is the  Associate Professor & Ph.D.Convener of the School of Education .She received “Best Academician Award” awarded by Bengal Journalist Welfare Trust, “Research Excellence Award” by the Adamas University in 2020 and “Top 10 Professor of the year award”awarded by International Education Awards and Kites. She is the recepient of South Asian Scholarship Grant and invited by the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan to deliver and present her research project in the year 2015. She is an Editorial Board Member and reviewer of  various National and International Journals. Some of them are International Education Studies (IES)’, Canada, International Journal of Education and Development,Singaporeetc.to name a few. Dr.Biswas is a life member of Social Research Foundation, Kanpur, India, Bangladesh History Association,Dhaka, Bangladesh, Asiatic Society of Dhaka, Bangladesh ,Institute of Historical Studies, New Delhi, International Society for Development and Sustanability, Japan to name a few. She has been honoured with the prestigious Fellow Membership by the Institute of Scholars, Bengaluru,Karnataka,India and she is an Associate Member(via invitation) of ANLP, Hempstead,USA.She is invited in high powered edcuational committees of India to voice her opinions and ideas pertaining to matters related to the progress and development of teacher education in India.

Mr. Amal Sankar Mukherjee is the member of editorial board of “Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication” and life member of “Scholars Academic and Scientific Society.” Dr.Mukherjee is the recipient of “Excellence Service Award” under the domain of International Scientist Awards 2021 on Engineering, Science and Medicine awarded by VDGOOD Professional Association, India.

Mr. Pranay Pandey received Young Academician Award, 2020 by Esteemz Foundation (R), Bijapur, Karnataka. He is an Editorial Board Member in various National and International Journals, i.e. International Education Studies (IES)’, Canada, International Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies (IJHSSS), “Remarking An Analisation” and a reviewer in “Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research”. Mr. Pandey is a life-time member of Social Research Foundation, Kanpur, India, Itihas Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Esteemz Foundation (R), Bijapur, Karnataka.

Mrs. ParamaKundu awarded as “Most Punctual Teacher” by Adamas University in 2019. She received “Best Teacher Award 2021” awarded by InSc (Unit of SDPL) in recogniton of her valuable contribution to the academic community and the students.


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