50 % Marks (45% for SC, ST & PWD) in Higher Secondary (10+2) or its equivalent in any discipline is the eligibility criteria of B.A. (Hons.) in Education Programme. Its duration is three years. After completion of the course, Graduates may get opportunities in areas like Public Relations, Editing and Publishing houses, Educational departments, Creative/Technical writing, Home tuition, etc. and work in positions like Advisor, Non-fiction writer, Technical writer, Novelist, etc.
A. / B. Sc. / B. Com. (Hons/Pass Graduate) with 50% Marks or M. A. / M. Sc. / M. Com. (Post Graduate) with 50% Marks or B. Tech. / M. Tech with Mathematics or Science with 55% Marks (SC / ST (West Bengal Certificate) and PWD (Special Certificate) with 45% Marks) are the eligibility criteria of B.Ed. Programme. Its duration is two years. On completion of the course, students will be eligible for the jobs at public and government sectors like Child Care Director, School Teacher, Academic Content Writer, etc. After B.Ed., students can pursue Master of Education (M.Ed.) or M.A. (Education).
A. / B. Sc. / B. Com. (Hons/Pass Graduate) with B.Ed. with 50% Marks (45 % for SC, ST & PWD) or B.A. (Hons) in Education with 50% Marks (45 % for SC, ST & PWD) is the eligibility criteria of M.A. / M.Sc. (Education) Programme. Its duration is two years. On completion of the course, students will be eligible for the jobs at public and government sectors like School Counselor, Instructional Technologists, Educational Administrator, Tutor, Educational Consultant, Academic Marketing Officer, Education Journalist, Human Resource officer, etc.
Courses and Eligibility

Highly qualified, experienced, energetic and dedicated teaching faculty
Diversified courses with an international edge
Ed. program under School of Education with 15 pedagogic papers
Intra school and inter school exposure within Adamas University.
Career development opportunities with hands on training skills Eg. School of Professional Studies.
Student Mentoring : One-to-One basis
Minor courses offered in School of Education

Internship, Community Outreach, Seminar & Webinar Series, Strong exposure to Personality Development.

After completing B.Ed. Programme, students are eligible for the jobs like Teacher, Administrator, Academic Counsellor, etc.
After completing B.A. (Hons.) in Education Programme, students are eligible for the jobs like Civil service, Banking, Museum Education Officer, Teaching Assistant, School Teachers (with B.Ed or D.El.Ed.), Family Support Workers, Learning Mentors, Career Advisors, Sub-inspectors in School (with B.Ed.), NGO Workers, Academic Marketing Officer, etc.
After completing M.A./ M.Sc. (Education) Programme, students are eligible for the jobs like Director of School Education, Training Manager, School Counsellor, Curriculum Developer, Community Education Officer, Educational Data Analysts, Educational Tour Officer, NGO Workers, etc.

Everything can be conducted through online mode. As Adamas University is fully equipped with all the infrastructures needed, so maintaining social distance will not be a problem in the campus. Attendance will be calculated centrally through TCSion. Test will be conducted online.

In B.Ed. curriculum, whatever Practical(s) are there, students can do them through online mode also. As per the course structure of other courses offered, it can be completed through Online mode maintaining social distancing.

Adamas University will not force you in either way, as you wish you can take decision. You can stay in a hostel or you can be a day scholar.

Introduction: The Career Development Cell (CDC) Team members under the signified leadership of the Director-CDC, surges ahead in imagining, visualizing, discovering & implementing the newest initiatives & methodologies in imbibing a true sense of positivity in the mind & heart of the young budding graduates.

The CDC team ensures a very holistic approach in ensuring as well as assuring a sense of ease & comfort to every student & their family members during this journey of new learnings being a part of Adamas University.

Approach: The CDC team at Adamas University follows the modes below in ensuring the holistic approach –

Every student after admission with the University, requires to undergo a systematized process psychometric analysis, followed by detailed mapping of skills & knowledge of a student, further analyzing the strengths & areas of improvement of every student, and finally guiding every student to the appropriate career path based upon knowledge, skills, strength and interest of student.
Every student compulsorily requires to undergo an highly modified & integrated training schedule, befitted in their respective academic curriculum. This training enhances the overall soft-skills, personality & grooming, communication skills of every student. This training includes parts of aptitude & reasoning to upgrade the applicability of every student.
Every student is repeatedly faired with preparatory ideas of industry & corporate world during their studentship with the university in a multi-dimensional approach as referred –
In the form of Celeb Talk Series.
Interactive Webinars named, ‘SATURDAY REFLEXIONS’.
In the form of live Industry Visits to organisations.
In the form of live academic projects
Periodical internships
Lastly Final placements.

For all Students of Education, there are predominantly 2 aspirations:

Higher Studies

For Jobs:

CoPS offers preparatory courses on the following:

Effective Communication Skills
Personality Development, Facilitation and Facing Interviews
Short term Certificate Courses (Child Pedagogy, Cognitive Development, et al.)

For Higher Studies:


Foreign Languages:


All the preparatory courses would come along with additional cost. However, there would be a few of the developmental courses which would be complimentary.