Qualification: Ph.D. (Comparative Religions)

Current Designation: Founder and President

Affiliation: Creative Minds International Academy & The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation

Country: Nigeria

Dr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba is a Comparative Religionist, with a Ph.D. in Comparative Religions. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in School Management and Leadership (CSML) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and a Masters Degree in General Management from Guglielmo Marconi University, Rome, Italy. Dr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba is a Member of several international associations, such as the American Academy of Religion (AAR), Institute for Biblical Scholarship in Africa, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Leadership, Education and Development (CILED), USA, as well as Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) and also Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners (CIEPUK), UK. He is the founder of Creative Minds International Academy, a K-12 school focused in empowering Nigerian students with the tools and motivation to think critically, explore the inter-connectedness of all life and establish sustainable relationships with the world that surrounds them. Emmanuel’s life work is reaching out to youth around the world to create a culture of peace and justice. He is recipient of the 2014 Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award in San Francisco for his leadership, service to humanity and peace building efforts, around the world. Dr. Ivorgba is also Founder and President of The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation. He also serves as West Africa Regional Coordinator for United Religions Initiative (URI), West Africa Director for Project Happiness and Executive Director for New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation.