Qualification: M.A., M. Phil. (Education Policy and Management)

Current Designation: Co-Founder and Executive Director

Affiliation: Higher Education Resource Services-East Africa

Country: United Kingdom

Naomi Watasa Lumutenga is a Ugandan-born semi-retired British teacher and researcher, with experience of conceptualizing, setting up and operationalizing Non-governmental Organizations; as Co-Founder and Coordinator, HERS-EA, from 2014. She has recently authored two light-touch factual illustrated books; ‘Our Covid 19 Heroes’, suitable for all ages and, ‘2020 The Year That Changed The World’ that featured in a BBC Southeast news, both available on Amazon. She is a holder of MA and MPhil in Education Policy and Management, from University College London. Naomi currently serves Executive Director of HERS-EA Naomi has experience of drawing together teams of facilitators and participants in HERS-EA Academies that provide leadership training and networking opportunities for women, from Higher education Institutions in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. Additionally, Naomi has experience of managing teams in the education sector, as a senior teacher and team leader, responsible for student and staff development, within different units of Maidstone Grammar School, 1998-2014. During that time, Naomi led initiatives for tracking student progress and implementing intervention strategies; contributing to strategic planning as a member of Senior Management, was a facilitator at In-service teacher- training conferences; established and led overseas student exchange programs to South Africa, China and United States.