Qualification: Marine Engineer

Current Designation: Method Actor/ Activist

Affiliation: Dg Shipping, Mot India

Country: India

Mr. Bobby Chakraborty is a reputed actor for the last 19 years in television, films and theatre in Bengali/Hindi/English languages. Previously he has served as Marine Engineer for EXXONMOBIL He is a Method Actor at SMPAi. He is a social activist fighting against addiction and harmful popular trends among the youth all around the world. He has been awarded with the Shrestha Samman- Highest Honour (2015) and Asadharan- Extraordinary (2016). Both the awards are received from Governor Shree KeshariNath Tripathi. He has been also the Banglar Gorbo- Pride of Bengal (2019) and praised and appreciated by His Holiness-The Dalai Lama (2015).He is the Executive Committee Member of West Bengal Federation of United Nations Association.