SAPPHO for Equality: An organization for Gender rights in collaboration with School of Education, Adamas University has organized an interactive workshop on “Understanding Gender-Sexuality, Violence and Creating Resistance” on 22nd October, 2019.

The workshop was organized with the initiative of Dr. Prarthita Biswas, Associate Professor & Prof. Mita Banerjee, Pro-VC and Dean of SoE.

The workshop highlighted aspects of gender sensitization and the existing idea of a sexual ‘mainstream’ as opposed to a ‘margin’ and to challenge any form of ‘ghettoization’ of the margins.The following issues were mainly highlighted :

  • To provide a platform to discuss issues and need for gender sensitization.
  • To modify the behavior of society towards gender related issues by raising awareness on gender equality.
  • To focus on challenges towards gender sensitization in India
  • To emphasize on the positive reforms to be initiated to enhance gender sensitization.

The workshop was conducted by the Co-founder of Sappho for Equality: Ms.Sumita Bandhopadhyay. She was assisted by Koyel Ghosh,Reshmi Sen and Shreoshi Ray.

The main theme of the workshop was to highlight gender issues in a different perspective.The aim of the workshop is primarily to sensitize society towards gender equality. Gender sensitization is not about sensitizing women but sensitizing both men and women.

The title of the workshop which is also a part of the B.Ed. syllabus helped the students to understand the gender and sexuality as well as gender rights in a broad perspective. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in Criterion 7(7.1.1) has also highlighted the importance of gender issues. Thus this Workshop satisfied a part of this criteria.