Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership

Overview of the Course:

The course highlighted on the Educational Administration, Management and Leadership both at school and college level.

Who is fit for it:

The course is for the following personnel –

  1. The person who is already in educational administration like – Principal , Vice-principal, Teacher-in-charge, Coordinator and Mentor
  2. The aspirant person who wants to be an educational administrator or leader.
  3. It is also helpful for the fresher

The importance of this course in the wider discipline area, etc.

  • Develop an understanding and concept of educational administration, educational management and educational leadership.
  • Know about ICT for academic administration and administration management.
  • Know about different theories of educational management.
  • Develop an understanding about recent trends in educational management
  • Acquire the skills necessary to become a leader.
  • Develop the knowledge about Conflict management.
  • Explain the concept of school administration at National level, State, District and Sub-district levels.
  • Develop an understanding and concept of Institutional planning and management.
  • Know about Total Quality Management.
  • Effectively manage and plan key human resource functions within educational organizations
  • Examine current issues, trends, practices, and processes in HRM
  • Contribute to employee performance management and organizational effectiveness

The students will develop the following skills –

  • Skill of Educational Administration
  • Skill of Educational Management
  • Skill of Educational Leadership
  • Skill of Educational Planning
  • Skill of Human Resource Management
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Management
  • Educational Leadership
  • Administration, Management and Leadership in School/College Level
  • Educational Planning
  • Human Resource Management

The course offered specialized project work in any one of the following aspects –

  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Management
  • Educational Supervision
  • Educational Leadership

Psychological laboratory facility with a vast number of different psychological scales/tests is available for the students for conducting Action Research.

One month Internship Programme with Principal of School/College/Educational Institute. The objectives of this Internship are as follows –

  • To learn techniques of managing a school/College/Educational Institute.
  • To learn techniques of managing problems of students as trainee Principal
  • To learn techniques of managing with parents/guardians
  • To learn techniques of managing non teaching staff.
  • To learn techniques of managing routine including co scholastic activities
  • To learn techniques of managing with Governing body/ Managing committee
  • All other School/College/Educational Institute related activities as a trainee Principal

While Internship and project is an integral part of the curriculum, then CDC is also committed to explore and bring suitable final placement, research and higher studies opportunities to our students.  However, to access such opportunity students has to follow AU- placement policy. CDC also takes all necessary action beyond academic to prepare the interested and eligible students for final placement. CDC always attempts to bring 100 % career opportunities to all eligible and participative students.

The minimum qualification for admission to the programme shall be Bachelor’s (3years) degree in any discipline of any UGC recognized university.


Skill Development:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Effective Communication for Leaders
  • Critical Thinking
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Introduction to OB and OD
  • Presentation Skills
  • The process of Performance Management


Competitive Exams (International)

  • GRE
  • GMAT


Competitive Exams (National)

  • All Civil Service Exams (Central & State)
  • CTET
  • SSC


Foreign Language School