Qualification: M.Sc.(Chemistry) , M.Ed., M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Current Designation: Professor,Education Planning and Administration (WBUTTEPA),former Dean of the Faculty of Education, Journalism and Mass Communication, Library and Information Science, University of Calcutta

Camille Johnson is a M.A. (English), B.Ed. At present she is pursuing Masters in Social Work (MSW). Dedicated to serve humanity and build the nation’s youth for a bright future. Camille Johnson has devoted her life for the cause of others. She has a master degree in English and a Bachelor’s in Education. Camille Johnson is the principal of Sacred Heart Day High School from last 20 year and the Founder Secretary of Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural Social & Welfare Society. She is a panic healer and is the advisor in two government Internal Complaint Committees. Working for homeless destitute elderly people, rights of children and empowerment of women has been the Passion of her life. Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural Social & Welfare Society runs 3 homes for a hundred deprived children and one for abandoned elderly people. Camille Johnson works in close association with the Police to address cases of domestic violence and is a peace worker to mediate conflict. She loves to share and know about others. Camille with the help of friends & old donors, was successful in supporting 400 families with ration support especially those living in the brick kilns, red-light areas and slums. Her team of women and volunteers stitched 3000 masks and distributed them in the community especially among the daily wage earners. All throughout 10 months sensitization programmes. On Covid preventions, distribution of sanitizers and hand washing techniques and soaps were given in 15 slums and 4 villages. The work is still continuing and support is seeked to get up some women in independent traders so that they can sustain their families in those difficult covid times.