I started my career as Guest Lecturer in the Department of Geography, DumDum Motijheel Rabindra Mahavidyalaya. Then, I served Sundarban B.Ed. College as Assistant Professor in Geography for 3 years. I completed Post Graduation in Geography from Rabindra Bharati University and M.Ed. from David Hare Training College of the University of Calcutta. Geography deals with mainly three key characteristics: an emphasis on location and spatial variations; emphasis on man-environment relations and regional analysis which correlates these two emphases. A geographic education is a necessary part of a complete education. It refers to those perspectives, concepts and skills that are found in stand-alone geography courses and those that are diffused throughout and across other subject areas. People with a good command of geographic tools and perspectives, for instances, learn how to make important connections between the living and non-living world, between human cultures and natural resource use, and between human political organization of space and food security. Geographic education refers to teaching and learning of geography. I am very much interested in Pedagogy of Geography. I qualified NET in Geography as well as cleared both NET and SET in Education. I completed M.Phil. in Teacher Education from The West Bengal University of Teachers Training Education Planning and Administration. Now, I am engaged in Ph.D. in Teacher Education under the same University mentioned above.